1. R-Spec

    Excellent condition S15 for sale

    I'm not the first to see this I guess?.... "small dents / scratches stuff but nothing serious damage with a paint job , should take care of all that .":rotfl::rotfl::rotfl::rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:
  2. adz87kc

    some serious engineering :o

    Don't know if this is a repost but oh wow! :eek:
  3. B

    i think im gonna buy this....what u think?

    Hi guys, i went up and looked at this 2002 spec r yesterday! Took some pics, just wanted to see what ye think! Its only got 64000 kms. Needs a serious valet but apart from that its mint! Completely standard apart from the wheels and a bride drivers seat.
  4. D

    Galway international rally 09

    Any one going too this the weekend. might head up to galway sat nite like we do every year its good crack serious amount of cars floating around and lots of steer,from,the,rear wanabes . this is a friend of mine giving it all in 07...... :rotfl:
  5. mint

    Best s15 in the UK?

    Well its been running as of Satruday i believe in Silverstone for the EDC Round 3 quali's.. 2JZGTE Powered Weapon of Phil's. Hes currently up against some serious talent from the land of the rising sun. Here's a small snap from yesterday. too much nice !! :smitten:
  6. J

    Don't flame me for this but...

    Does anyone 'mesh' the open mouth in the front bumper? To me, it looks kinda odd being completely open as it is. I'm not on about halfords style chavving it up but would it look better? Looks great if you've got a serious branded rad behind the bumper (saw a pic of yellow one with GReddy rad)...
  7. F

    Newbie.....serious about buying.....advice required

    Hello All, :D My name's Dan and I'm about to work for a year in Japan (comencing Feb '06....eeek....trying to learn Japanese language is a nightmare!!!). Fortunately my company will be paying me a bit more for my trouble and I intend to enjoy spending it on a Silvia. I have a friend with...