1. N

    Servicing recommendations

    I plan on servicing the car very soon as i like to maintain my engines well. Think i'll be going for the Millers Nanodrive 10w50 oil however no sure what spark plugs to get. Engine has done 75k miles and is standard apart from a cone filter and a catback. However i will be full decat soon and...
  2. L

    Just bought a S15, few questions

    Hi all, Just bought an S15 from Torque GT 02 Black Spec R Aero in FS section. (pick it up in a couple of weeks). :p What servicing parts should i use? Oil, Oil Filter, Plugs ect what would you recommend? Thanks Liam
  3. 7

    bottom end damage...time for a fresh engine

    Spun a bearing on the crank :( Reason posting is to ask if anyone could recommend me some reputable JDM motor import companys servicing AUS? What sort of price range would be reasonable? I'm after another SR20DET -Steve
  4. irvs


    how easy is it to get hold of parts for servicing the s15 eg. oil filter brake pads/discs etc. are these parts direct swap from the s14???