1. G

    WTB: S15 upper and lower door hinges

    As title need full sets for both doors cheers Gary
  2. Fruitbooter

    Rear bumper on this S15

    Now this picture below is a photoshop but what I want to know the rear bumper a ps or can you actualy get these? Or does it look like a custom job on the standard non aero one? It looks fantastic sitting like that and the rear bumper just sets it off for me! Im also liking S15's with...
  3. M

    Wossner Forged Pistons & Conrod sets

    Very pleased to offer these to members of the forums a little difficult to put up prices as its totally dependant on what the customer requirements are...but i can assure you, forum discount will be quite generous :) Wossner Forged Pistons Wossner Forged Conrod Sets ( Including ARP bolts )...
  4. C

    FS: Group Buy - Nismo 740cc injectors - CLOSED

    **This Group Buy is now Closed** I'm going to order a set of Nismo 740cc injectors at the weekend but as asual, the more sets purchased at once, the cheaper they get. Heres an example.. 1-2 sets - £379.00 3-4 sets - £346.00 5+ sets - £336.00 - **Currently on this price** Is anyone...
  5. AllanOrr

    DJ Set's

    Hey guys dont know if this might intrest a few of yous or not but worth a shot, on the EpCivic forum I was on for when I had my Civic I used to post up links to the DJ sets I done every month either that were recorded from gigs or from promo's I done, Have been Dj'ing for about 7-8 years started...
  6. tooley

    FS: Tooley's S15 bits sale :D

    2002 Spec R Suspension Stock £200 Great condition Stock Wing Mount Inter Cooler £ 50 !7" Volk 2 piece Alloys. Ideal spares for drift days, i have two pare sets so one set has to go. £250 HKS Mushroom Filter and adaptor block £50 Will post better pics tonight.
  7. E

    Nissan 200SX S15 Whiteline Sway Bar Kit *Group Buy*

    We have just been chating to Whiteline regarding to their swaybar kit and we have come in terms of a deal to make it cheaper for the S15 owners. the RRP for th kit is currently sell at £289 and if we can get 10 sets we will have 10% discount on it that is £260. please check the information in my...