1. Tommy Kaira

    Today's addition!

    Thought you might like to see some pics of my sexy new mirrors.
  2. D


    Hi every one! My Names Dan and im from Dorset. I'm looking at getting an S15 Spec R to replace my RX8 Track car I've always been a fan of the S15 i still cant get over how sexy they look. I'm Waiting for my RX8 to sell so i can get one which will been soon hopefully! Can't wait :) Cheers, Dan.
  3. S

    What bodykit is this?

    The back looks like trial kit but still different... and the front looks primo!! perhaps without the canard... They both look sexy!!
  4. naha_music

    Fitting other Nissan model steering wheels?

    Has anyone ever tried installing a steering wheel from another model nissan? I would like to install a Fairlady Z33 wheel, but open to anything that fits and looks sexy (with functional airbags of course!) Thanks for any suggestions..
  5. Y

    S15 buyer

    S15 buyer HELP! Hi guys, I just put a deposit on this I would like ur thots. I went to have a look at it today and it is truly immaculate and very sexy. I'm coming from a 2002 Civic type r which is 245hp 178kw 169lbs/ft, cammed and bored to 2050cc...
  6. M

    Very Tasty Sun Line Carbon S15

    Thought you boys might like this. :nod: Edit also have a look at their website. Theres some very sexy bits of carbon indeed. They do some ok LED rear lights as well