1. H

    Whats your Instagram?

    Hello! I would be interested in getting this thread up for me and other to follow each other at Instagram. Post a pic and shoot ya IG name down below :thumbs: Me; Danneman88
  2. D

    Temperature issues ... help please, revs sticking on

    hey guys, tonight my car has started playing up, the temperature has started to shoot up and the revs and idling well too high , just above 2 thousands revs. These stick on unless i put the clutch in and drive , there is still water in my radiator, but there was vapour coming out of the little...
  3. tooley

    Engine oil temperatures.

    Gents, What temperatures do your cars usually operate when :- Crusing 70-90mph hard acceleration 90-160 mph applications Mine currently is at 120 degrees C @ 90mph 110@ 70mph then will shoot up to 140-150 degrees C when i go over 100 mph 150 degrees when over 130mph. off road of corse...
  4. mint

    Remember Me?

    haha hey guys - Sorry not been posting up here in a while, been trying to 'dial' out on the s15 as much as I can since she's now sold. I still have the car at the moment, awaiting on the DVLA to sort the plates out before I can let her officially go. Here's a few things thats been going on...
  5. mint

    s15oc Shoot @ JAE

    Here's my snaps from the s15oc JAE Shoot Enjoi! A total of 70 pics on the mintofruit ah yeh!
  6. LuPix_S15

    Another HOT shoot with Kelli + FD3S

    Hi folks...
  7. K

    Late night photo shoot

    Decided to get more decent photos of my car, here's the finishing result.