1. UncleDan

    WTB: Nissan Silvia 200sx S15 LHS Wing Mirror Trim

    Does anyone have this piece for sale? The body shop broke mine and I'm heated. FRS, Nengen, and other local shops dont carry it and Shamerockspares wont ship to the US :(...
  2. T

    Ordering direct from japan shops

    Found this link layin round its a company that will place and ship an order for you from any japanese website you wish, cant remember do they work out cheaper than the likes of rhdjapan think its around the same, but its handy for ordering kits and stuff thats not available in the usual...
  3. M

    Tuning shops in Hong Kong and Bangkok

    Hi there everyone, In a few weeks i am going on a holiday to Hong Kong and Bangkok. While i am over there i would like to do some shopping for car parts and look around in tuning shops. If anyone knows any tuning shops and places that sell Japanese car parts e.g. dump pipes, gauges etc, in...
  4. D

    Shops in Tokyo

    Hello, Would anyone know of any car shops in and around Japan especially Tokyo. I have searched and found nothing. My brother is heading there tomorrow for few days. I will probally get him to pick up a Power fc for me. Anyone reccomend anything else? Are Parts cheaper over in japan? Cheers...