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    downpipes and elbow combinations

    i have a 14A elbow and downpipes as a result it hangs pretty low. someone on FB mentioned the 14 downpipe is shorter, is it likely that it will bring my exhaust slightly closer to the body helping with clearance?
  2. U

    Nismo S-Tune Suspension - pics on car?

    Just wondering if anyone has pictures of their car with this kit mounted. The red/silver ones, not the yellow/purple ones. Also, can anyone tell me whether the nismo rear struts are shorter than the stock factory struts (i.e. shorter stroke or shorter complete length)... or if they are just...
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    JDM Cat Converter

    Guys, I'm not sure whether anyone else has had this problem. I installed my dump and from pipe finally (with a little help), but because the hks front pipe was designed for the shorter JDM cats, it has pushed the rest of my exhaust back about 20mm. It appears the JDM cat is about 20mm shorter...