1. A

    Fuel flap hinge snapped

    So I filled with petrol & then shut the flap but it didn't want to so I made it shut, then when h got home & took a look, it wouldn't open & I had to pry it open, it fitted perfect all round before but it was now hard up against the left side. The bar that is the hinge sheared off, is it...
  2. J

    Engine Damper (HPi)

    Has anyone fitted one of these together with a strut brace. Did you guys have any clearence problem with the bonnet. My engine damper will hit the bonnet and wont shut.
  3. J

    Brake Assist

    See from this web page Looks like Silvia do have a brake assist system. So this system can be shut it off or not? Any member know? And how can i know this system is still function well?
  4. Nicely

    Tempted by a Defend copy cooling panel?

    Don't be. If they are anything like the one I just got, they're crap. Don't line up with the bumper poppers, stick up at one side, the bonnet stay won't clip in and the bonnet won't shut. Needless to say, its going back. This isn't one of Apex Performance ones, but be warned. The Garage Defend...