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    My favourite rice mod so far :D Actually.. makes heal-toeing bloody brilliant. Love em. Actually... is there a part number for the left door sil garnish? My passanger one seems to have abit of rust/dirt/ i dunno what the hell it is on the end.
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    Feeling weak... need support...

    :( I'm having a weak moment people... please help :( I'm experiencing 'un-clean' thoughts about selling my S15. This is for no other reason than because I'd really like to get a motorhome so I can take the missus and the dogs etc. on 'trips' a bit more freely! At the moment, we can't can't...
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    Fast and Furious - Tokyo Drift

    Ok, dunno whether you guys have seen this - but it's relatively entertaining with some good car action - and funnily enough - drift! But my gripe is this - they only gave the S15 limited coverage at the beginning and that was about it! The stars of the show were a Rx7 (ok, you know I like them...
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    Finally got my A into G - here's my Sil

    Here she is - sunbathing by the beach... :cool: [/img]