1. M

    Hi from Colchester

    Hi, I'm Morgan and I've currently got torque gt searching for a S15 for me (hopefully might have good news tomorrow!) was as initially after a FD but after going to my friends meet on Sunday (6two1) and seeing a few of the silvias there I decided to change my mind. whoever has the red aero, if...
  2. J

    Another one from Japan

    Hello all The name's Andrew and i'm currently living near Hiroshima. Love anything that can go sideways and I have owned most of the Silvia family. Driving a ****ty kei car at present but will be making a proper upgrade next year. Looking at chasers, skylines and of course silvias. Really...
  3. M

    Newbie from Belgium

    Hi everybody I'm Michiel from Belgium. I'm looking into the nissan silvia's because i like them and would love to own one in a year or two :) Although, i'm in a bit of a doubt still. Love the Integra DC5's or civic EK9's 2. And i've never driven a real RWD, only drive the E39 and F10 BMW 520d...
  4. C

    WTB: s breaker

    guys anyone knows of a breaker that holds stock silvia's engines , gearbx, loom etc?
  5. J

    MOT Failure on Emissions

    Just got back from the mot station with a big red fail across the certificate. Can anyone pls give me some ideas on what might be causing this, anything thats known with S15's or Silvias in general. My CO values came out at 8.5% rather than <0.3% and HC were around 270 ppm. Lamda values also...
  6. G

    Open Event: Japan Super GT Sepang 21st June

    Anyone who has pics & vids, pls post them here. Thank you. Biggest Joint JDM Sports Car Club Gathering in SIC... About 180 cars comprising Silvias, Fairladies, Integra Type-Rs, STIs, Evos & Caldinas. Nissan flexing all muscles here in Sepang More later ...
  7. S

    Car Cover

    do any of you know of any good car covers that fit the s15 nice and snug. im tired of washing bird poo off of it every 5 minutes :annoyed: ive had a look about and cant find any that are specific for silvias, there must be some out there though! any help is appreciated lads. Rick.
  8. D

    wtk- s15 singapore

    what year were s15's last registered in Singapore? my country does not import vehicles older than 4 yrs heared someone said there are silvias registered after 2003 in singapore?
  9. C

    Looking for picture's of Silvias within the D1 serie's.

    Looking for picture's of Silvias within the D1 serie's and other drifting serie's. In need of some insperation,