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    Silvia Club (Singapore)

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    Japanese used car exporters

    Hi guys, Im looking for a s15 but there are very few on the market currently in Singapore where im from. Anyone have any recommendations for japanese used car exporters which also ships to Singapore? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Hi all! charcoalx from Singapore

    Hi everyone, Gabriel here from Singapore. I am also active in Silvia Club Singapore ( Been driving the 15 for the past 2-3 years and slowly built it up from relatively stock til now. :) Got an email from Colin aka gunner93 when he chanced...
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    wtk- s15 singapore

    what year were s15's last registered in Singapore? my country does not import vehicles older than 4 yrs heared someone said there are silvias registered after 2003 in singapore?
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    Hi all! From Singapore!

    Hi guys, I am From Singapore. Glad to be in this Forum. Own a Pure White S15 too. Hope to share more knowledge on Silvia with you guys! Cheers :D
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    Hello from Singapore!

    Hi everyone :) I'm driving a pewter nz S15 here in Singapore... here are some pics of my car Over here we have maybe 50/50 jdm and nz S15s... and just a couple of Australia spec units too. I've got an Impul reflashed ecu with 550 cc injectors, an open pod from GruppeM but otherwise...
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    Hello - Singapore

    Hi to all, I am from Singapore, Name's Patrick and I hope to share information about tuning and building of S15 for drift or circuit racing. I drives a Subaru Legacy GTB to Work and drives the S15 for drift. I own a car performance tuning company, Imperial Concepts which distributes Blitz...