1. Lanyard

    Open Event: Leamington Spa, Meet and greet

    This is mainly a JLR staff thing but we're going to The Moorings at Myton (Myton Rd, Leamington Spa) for a drink after work on Thursday 25/9/14. A few 350z, skylines etc will be rolling up, not just S-Bodies. Anyone welcome!
  2. J

    Another one from Japan

    Hello all The name's Andrew and i'm currently living near Hiroshima. Love anything that can go sideways and I have owned most of the Silvia family. Driving a ****ty kei car at present but will be making a proper upgrade next year. Looking at chasers, skylines and of course silvias. Really...
  3. G

    Hi from Cyprus!

    Hey guys, Just thought I'd say Hi! :) Owned an S15 Spec-S, sold it.. regretted it and now am sourcing a Spec-R to fill the hole in my heart ;) Am not new to Nissans.. owned a bunch of Skylines (all R33s), a GTi-R, and even an S12! Frankly though.. the S15 was by far the best for my needs...
  4. J

    FS: S-15 for sale in USA

    Hi, we have a 200 S-15 for sale right now. It is going for $33,000. 26,000 mile and white color. It's located in CA right now. Also, we can import other S-15, Skylines from Japan. OUr company is Supaca Improts : you can email us at or call 213-305-4200