1. dave_t

    S15 Slave Cylinder

    Well last night i jumped in the S15 to go to work. Pressed the clutch pedal down, and went to engage first gear. It wouldn't let me. With the pedal depressed fully, it would not disengage the clutch.not wanting to be late to work, i took the A3 TDI daily :down: All night worrying about what...
  2. E

    s15 slave cylinder

    Hey guys, I bought a six speed gearbox to convert my auto s15 but it needs a new slave cylinder and it has been almost impossible to find one at the right price. Would I be able to substitute another nissan slave cylinder? E.g. from s14?
  3. M

    FYI for clutch squeeking

    Hey all, This is just some info for those that are experiencing a squeaking noise when pressing on the clutch or letting the clutch pedal off. The noise was only noticeable when you could hear the echo around the car or when i was stationary. After speaking to mechanic mates they said it...
  4. P

    Squeeky Clutch Slave Cylinder

    I have a pretty loud squeek comming from the slave cylinder whenI depress the clutch. It seems to get better once things are warmed up, but its sure as hell anoying when crawling in traffic etc. Its pretty loud and can be heard from outside, I swear one day I will get a funny look from people...