1. A

    Carbon centre console Don't buy this, its garbage. the holes for the switches were too small, the pegs on the back that you use to screw the switches into it were totally in the...
  2. Jaydej

    Biting point Adjustment

    hey guys ive got a massive list of things to do on my car this weekend, and i also wanted to raise the biting point slightly. anyone know or have a thread on this ive tried to look but no luck
  3. A

    urgent help needed

    while driving earlier the engine light started flashing constantly when on the throttle it would flash slightly faster, any help would be much appreciated as I've only had it 4 days
  4. S15Cro

    WTB: S15 Starter Motor ASAP

    As the title says, looking for a good condition starter motor as my own has given up. I use the car as a daily and luckily I live and work on a hill so hill-starts are no problem but it will only take so much *Note* It needs to be off an S15 as the S14 starter is slightly bigger Cheers
  5. J

    FS: ssr profs wheels :)

    hi, well i brought the car with this one but looking to change for some rotas. 4xSSR Profs 8 + 9J and there 17". one has a small part slightly bent (see picture) stills holds air fine. none are buckelt and ride fine. the rears have new tyres. been on about 2 weeks, only budgets. the two...
  6. Fruitbooter

    What a/c blower settings do you use?

    Im not sure if its just me but does your windscreen love to mist up slightly when you dont have the blowers going onto the window slightly? It doesnt mist up bad but at night when headlights shine at you, you can see a slight mist but then put the heaters on it and it goes. I normaly have the...
  7. LuPix_S15

    Bee*R Limiter

    Ok I've been reading up on this recently... I'd like a limiter kit that I can install and slightly drop the rev limit on drift days etc. Is this possible since I don't have stock ECU and instead have Apexi PFC with it's own rev limit set? Will the Bee*R unit allow me to drop the rev limit...
  8. 0

    My 2002 S15 Spec S

    Hi all, Here are some pics of my 2002 s15. Mods: Apexi air intake Apexi boost gauge 3" turbo back Fujistubo exhaust Sparco NS2 rims 16x8 +22 Slightly pumped guards Strut braces Its fairly stock, just how I like it :)
  9. A

    0-60 times and IPhone App : BMW M Meter

    Hi Guys, Has anyone got an Iphone and this APP?? (It's free btw!!) Just ran it on my Iphone twice for good measure, not too sure about the results?? What do you think? 1st run : Lit up the rear wheels slightly 0-30mph...
  10. Curryzz

    New wing

    Does anyone know how much a new front passenger side wing would cost me?I've slightly damaged mine :(
  11. silviatub

    Turbo Flange Gasket Leak!

    Hi Mates, I have noticed that the exhaust manifold turbo flange on my S15 is leaking mechanic says this is a common problem on all Nissan, whether its CA18DET or SR20DET...the bolts on the turbo flange comes loose over time...i hear slight ticking sound on idle and when revved...