1. ryan3

    Cigarette lighter / 12v socket bulb

    Hi, Does anyone know what type of bulb it is that lights up the cigarette lighter/12v socket on the centre console? I need to replace the bulbs in the climate control unit and am going to change them to LED's and would like to change the cigarette lighter one too so that they all match. Thanks!
  2. A

    How to rewire 12v socket?

    I like to use my 12v socket for my air compressor but the wiring is not there... anyone give me advice on how to rewire it up? Theres 1 red wire going to it (illumination?) but 2 empty terminals, I can see 1 wire which seems to be being used for something else (guessing the gauges or boost...
  3. S

    Fitting Lambda / Oxygen Sensor

    Guys Just thought id let you know that I managed to change the sensor today in just 20mins with a special socket I bought. I got it from a local motor shop but you can also buy it from here. SLOTTED SOCKET 3/8" DRIVE - OXYGEN SENSOR 22...
  4. G

    cigarette socket

    just found iut my cigarette socket isnt working. does anyone know mite it be a blown fuse or what? also is it east to take off the centre panel from around it to take a look?