1. crazymat666

    WTB: Looking for spec r to buy

    im currently on the search for a spec r i live in somerset so anywhere near would be nice i got offered 1 from some1 on here but he aint emailing bck for some reason :S i have a budget of 9500 cheers :)
  2. R

    drive shaft help!!

    im having problems trying to fit my cusco 2way. first was the out put shafts i got two passenger ones but now tats sorted the problem now is my main shaft is 1" shy from meeting the diff my car is a s15 2001 spec s with ABS can some1 please hgelp out wi this???? do you know what main shaft i...
  3. richy200

    WTB: drivers side rear quarter glass/rubber and fixings needed

    Hi guys i'm after the rear drivers side quarter glass and rubber and all fixings. I have spoken to a few people but i keep getting let down i.e. people don't want to have it cut out or some1 has decided to sell their car as a whole, some1 wudn't post it etc. anyone willing to get the glass...
  4. S

    cheap s15 carbon bonnet irl...

    cheap carbon bonnet for sale in dublin..just came across it thaught some1 might be below
  5. japmadlad


    can some1 give me a quick idea about strengthenin da 3/4 gear circlip?. what is the problem with it? thanks
  6. D


    Basically how does it work is it same as ebay? Could some1 tell me little more about it? Has anyone on here bought from it?