1. Fruitbooter

    Stereo geeks..a little help please (Micra ISO bad earth?)

    Okay went to fit my nice new Sony cd player the other day but couldnt get it to power up.. I purchased a Micra ISO adapter which fits into the sony one nice. wont power up...ive tried switching the red and yellow wire combinations as shown in the instruction manual but with no...
  2. D

    Silvia from NZ

    Hi Guys, here are some pictures of my S15, Spec R. Following are the few modifications: 1. Veilside Wide Body kit all around. 2. Work Equip 18"*10" at the back (265/35/18) & 18"*9" in the front (235/35/18). 3. Greddy Blow off Valve. 3. Greddy Inter Cooler Kit. 4. Greddy Wastegate. 5. Greddy ECM...