1. Parky

    Open Event: Japfest convoy..?

    I'm not sure exactly where everyone who is attending is from, so no idea if it will work but japfest is closing in fast and we need to sort out some sort of convoy right? If anyone has any ideas from previous years that have worked, or if anyone is already thinking about arranging meeting...
  2. A

    Specialist garages in the Derby/Stoke area?

    I need all my suspension geometry sorting + top mounts changing & the brake warning fault sorting on my car, anyone know of a good place to go in the Derby or Stoke area?
  3. J

    Hello from Japan

    My name is Jet and I am stationed in okinawa japan. I have been here for about four years and have just opted for four more. I have had my '99 Spec-R for about a year and half now and love every bit of it. The wife has the opposite opinion hahaha. I am not new to forums just this s15 owners...
  4. J

    front wheel alignment?

    hi, does anyone know of a decent closeish to northampton shire to have a go at sorting my front wheel camber and steering lock? thanks james
  5. P

    first of the wide pics

    cars really dirty and the ride height and camber need sorting on the rear to make it look right...more photos later
  6. kimi

    club merchandise

    just an idea guys, as we now have our club logo stickers ..who's up for sorting some cool shirts for us to wear :D kimi x