1. S

    She started to knock really bad

    :(Last night about 60 miles from home my ECU light flashed at me which prompted me to look at my PFC and I noticed knock had gone into 70's. I also noticed that around 2500rpm that the cams/cam sounded ticky (you know like an old vauxhall engine sounded on startup until it quietened from supply...
  2. mint

    Gurggling?? huh..

    I got home now from dropping off a mate, and went for a shot blast up the touge - Nothing too nuts as roads where crap. Anyways. Got home, sat and idle'd for a bit turned car off to hear a really loud "Gurggling" sound from the bay.. popped the bonnet and recorded this...
  3. C

    Was it you?? Titchfield (hants) today at 5pm ish...

    saw a white(pearl) S15 go up a street in Titchfield today, it was going fast, wasnt aero- but i assume was Spec R as it sounded pretty loud and quick...Also had HID headlights, seen it go past before a few times.