1. G

    Newbie looking for advice before buying plus does anyone know this car - T558 BDV

    Hi everyone, my name is Martin and this will be the first s15 I've seen/owned. I've had a skyline before but need someone to give me advice of what to look for specifically in the s15 and if anyone knows this particular car I'm going to look at...
  2. Mark_D

    Forum Top Banner Question

    Hey there, I've been looking at the white S15 on the banner at the top of this forum. Does anyone know any possible specs specifically Rims and Front Bumper of it. Many Thanks, Mark
  3. Nicely

    Indicator Relay

    Can someone with immediate access to their S15 please go and take a look at the indicator relay for me? I need to know how many pins it has and, specifically, if it looks like this (not red). I think its in the footwell fuse box.