1. sliding-r

    Faint Bleeping Noise?

    :confused:there is a faint bleeping noise that could be heard first thing in the morning from inside the cabin when first moving. this has now become more common and happens alot mainly at low speeds, the noise only last a second or so and will come back randomly later. Any ideas? could it...
  2. silviatub

    Will i be Running LEAN with Pivot Speed Meter?

    Hi Mates, I got a JDM S15 Spec R with Pivot Speed meter SML-V installed to remove the speed cut...we went on a hard run yesterday on the highway and we managed to reach speeds upto 250 to 260km/h...when i was maintaining speeds above 200km/ to 250km/h, i noticed the water temp was more than...
  3. P

    Problem selecting third

    Tonight while going to a local meet I had a bit of a problem selecting third. Both upselecting while giving some welly and downselecting approaching roundabouts. Seems to only occur when driving at high speeds, as in approaching a roundabout off a motorway etc. The gear selects fine when...