1. J

    Splitter for oem non aero front bumper

    Anyone know anywhere locally i can get a splitter for my oem non aero front bumper? cheers lads!
  2. N

    FS: S15 Aeroworkz front splitter

    As title, for standard non aero front bumper £170 posted
  3. D

    Anyone has a pic of this splitter fitted?

    I am looking to buy this splitter but I am not quite sure yet so I was wondering if anyone has fitted this one and could show me some pics of it? :) http://www.jdmdistro.com/shop/exterior-styling/nissan-s15-silvia-carbon-front-lip-splitter-spoiler/
  4. H

    FS: S15 Fibereglass front wings and splitter/spoiler Unused

    Hi everyone, Just popping in to let you know I'm selling a few unused fibreglass bits on Ebay. They are located near Coventry and you are welcome to come and have a look. I'm not sure if it's a splitter or spolier but one of you good people will probably know...
  5. Y

    front lip/splitter

    can anyone tell me where to get a nice carbon front splitter or front lip??
  6. Fruitbooter

    What splitter is this?

    Seen it before on another S15 Anyone know? Looks great, nice and subtle :)
  7. DeanS15

    whats this splitter

    hey guys, does anyone know what front splitter this is any help appreciated:D
  8. Robbyp

    front splitter?!

    Do u get a splitter for the front bumper of the normal s15 bumper not the aero one?