1. S15_SAM

    Rear spoiler options.

    So I'm hopefully getting my car resprayed and I've been running the BGW for 4 years now. I fancy a change, anyone have any spoilers for sale? Also does anybody know if you can buy the rocket bunny ducktail spoiler yet?as the website only sells the kit.
  2. S

    FS: HID Headlights and an aftermarket spoiler

    I have 3 HID headlights for sale. I don't know how to post pictures on here so will email them to anyone that's interested. There's 2 driver's side and one passenger side lights. Must be a bargain at £600 for all 3! Also have one of these spoilers...
  3. N80Jamie

    D Max Spoiler

    Hey guys, just wanted to know if these style spoilers are bonded onto the bootlid or use some of the OE holes to allow it to be screwed in? I'm planning on getting one of these spoilers at some point but before i go ahead and remove the OE spoiler and fill in the holes, just needed to know...
  4. P


    Are the small boot spoilers stuck on or bolted on? Im trying to get a car at the moment but its got the small spoiler fitted and i want to fit the aero spoiler. If they are bolted on are they bolted in the same place?? Here's a pic of the spoiler i'l be wanting to take off if all comes to plan