1. DarioG

    WTB: Standard set: Nissan 16" wheels (5 Spoke)

    As stated. I'm looking for a tidy set of 16" OEM Nissan wheels (5 spoke) as found on the S15. In Ireland if possible, I am willing to travel for a good clean set. Please leave a comment or p.m. Thanks lads!!!
  2. A

    Pewter Silver, in Cambs

    Seen this a few times. 5 spoke wheels (unsure of make) aftermarket exhaust
  3. moomin

    wheels go round

    hey guys, do any of you know if there are any companies in the UK that stock those old skool 3 spoke super advan's??? or anyone that could get hold of them? cheers :wave:
  4. C

    help please!! :)

    hey, i was looking at this car for sale on piston heads UK.. have any of you guys ever seen it or know anything more about it?? spoke to the guy today and its still for sale. Cheers :)
  5. LuPix_S15

    This looks familiar...

    http://www.jt-culture.com/?page_id=14 Anyone recognise the white S15...?? :rotfl: That blue 200SX looks nice as well - got some kinda URAS mad kit. Three spoke wheels are always up for debate! :nod: