1. dave_t

    Crashed S15 - Anyone from here?

    Spotted this on ebay. Only one that springs to mind with the same colour/wheels is lsmithmx, and it's located in Stoke which im sure he is too.
  2. R

    problem with fuel tank cover

    I had a fuel leak and spotted it was due to a cracked connector (wasnt this bad untill i moved it and completely snapped): I need a replacement now so will be the whole part. Does anyone know where to get one or if the s14 ones are the same? Thanks Rick
  3. R

    South wales red s15

    S Reg, Parked in Argoed Today Red Standard Rear Lights Gold Alloys Spoiler Rear Tints Friend of mine spotted the car, was wondering if its anyone on here. :)
  4. sliding-r

    FS: Uprated coilpacks

    Thought someone might be after a set of new coils as they can be problematic as I found out second day of owning a s15. :( These arent anything to do with me just I spotted them:
  5. Curryzz

    Japfest 2010

    Hi guys, went to japfest today and spotted four s15's, think it was tooley, not sure if thats your name but blue S15 with white advans, spotted a white S15 just down from yours,bronze or black rims cant remember and also a red wide arch S15 with a very nice white one next to it with a kit...
  6. T

    White S15 spotted going thou wallingford. (South Oxfordhire)

    My friend has spotted this evening 02-04-2010 at about 8 o'clock white s15 going through wallingford town centre (south oxfordshire), have heard other rumours of this going around but yet to see it personally my self, anyone on here?
  7. S


    my pride and joy was taken from me yesterday:cry:. i parked my car up the driveway around 7pm and got woken up by cops around 2:30am they said that we have spotted your car. I was like WTF? its in the driveway. Surely enough it wasn't. The cops told us where it was last spotted so we headed...
  8. Mark_D

    Spotted: Anyone own this Black S15? Brentwood

    Spotted a Black S15 with aftermarket bodykit and standard Aero spoiler in Brentwood on Wednesday / Thursday morning i think. Just wondered if anyone from here owned it! As if you live in Brentwood you live wery wery wery close to meeee. I think it's this one...
  9. E


    The s15 I originally wanted came up for sale again. Its only been up just under 2days and it says deposit taken already I only spotted it today Seriously PI**ed! :mad::censored::annoyed::furious::rant::cry::cry:
  10. Nicely

    Was it you? Brisbane

    Spotted a nice sounding blue S15 just going down Creek Street on Thursday. KIL15 Also spotted this one in the Harvey Norman car park at Carindale on Saturday morning. SXR15
  11. Nicely

    Seat question for the Aussies

    Do you guys get seats like this is your S15s? Spotted these in two cars now on Autospeed.
  12. Nicely

    One for the Sydney guys...

    Is this someone you know? :) Spotted this one in Waitara earlier this year...
  13. Nicely

    Keep me away from Nengun

    Damn you lot for getting me looking at Nengun again! :furious: Just spotted these...