1. H

    Where to buy wheels from?

    After what has turned in to a mare regarding wheels I'm in the look out for some wheels again. I'd originally bought some SSR Koenigs but due to some problems I have had to send them back. been looking at various UK sites and they all pretty much offer the same wheels, XXR's and Rota's which...
  2. Parky

    SSR Koenig rims

    Has anyone got these on their 15, or seen any pics of some on one? I'm just looking for a pic or two if anyone can find any? These:
  3. C

    FS: SSR SP1 - 17x10 ET16 17x9 ET16 VGC with Tyres.

    I bought these for my S15 a number of months ago and they have pretty much sat in my garage since, I tried them on the car once but have never drove with them on, I am now planning to go for 18's instead and have found a set of Volks which take my fancy so these are no longer needed. Specs...
  4. DarioG

    FS: SSR Wheels

    SSR Wheels for Sale. (Immaculate condition) Professionally re-conditioned. Follow the link for pictures and specs: Price €950 with tyres, (priced to clear) Excellent fit on S15. Please PM for more details...
  5. J

    FS: 2002 S15 Spec-R - AUS

    So the time has come to sell my beloved car as i am looking to move interstate in the next few months and need something a bit more practical for city driving. For sale is my 2002 Australian delivered s15. It has always been reguarly serviced and has never been tracked. I just recently spent a...
  6. S

    SSR Professors SP1 DISK TYPE

    hey guys, Anyone know if SSR Professors SP1 in normal disk will clear stock s15 brakes or should i go with Medium disk? Planning on ordering some 17" ssr and want to know if the NORMAL DISK will clear the front brakes cheers
  7. K

    N/A S15: Low and slow! New look w/ new wheels

    heres a couple of how it sat when I first got it few months back ordered some wheels,sourced some side skirts,oem wing,removed fog lamps and here she is today wheels are ssr sp1s,18x9.5 +10s all around on 225-40s,fenders rolled and pulled thanks for checkin it out!
  8. J

    Need help with SSR Professor fitment

    Hi guys, I was looking for a set of SSR Professors, and I just want to know if this set would fit on my S15. Specs : Front 18x9 +29 and rear 19x10 +37. I already have coilovers and will roll the guards. will they be fit? any recommendation for better wheel spec or tyres? Thanks
  9. C

    FS: SSR Professors 17x8 +29 & 17x9 +37 - Swap/Sale

    Have a set of 4 SSR Profs 8 + 9J. Nice stainless dish and the middles are a sort of Cherry/glitter red. You may have seen them on James Lu (LuPix) car. will get pictures up soon. VGC. Looking for 18" Rotas Ideally but will sell to buy £950 The image above is before they were put on. Now...
  10. C

    FS: 17 ssr centre dished...!!!

    17 ssr centre dished...!!! have these for sale in as new condition front: 17 x 8.5j +37 rear : 17 x 9.5j +37 5 x 114.3 price: 1200.00 euro cheers christy
  11. LuPix_S15

    FS: SSR Professors 17x8 & 17x9

    Ok guys here's another deal I need to put on the table lol ;) SSR Professors 17x8 +29 & 17x9 +37 These are mint condition!! Lips have no chips/scratches whatsoever :thumbs: Previous owner had centres custom painted in flaked cherry - looks amazing!!! Come with Avon ZZ3 215/40/17 (front) &...
  12. J

    What wheels will fit best on s15

    What wheels do you think will fit best with less problems on my s15. I dont mind having to roll the guards or abit of flare. I have coilovers on the car at the moment. Any help would be great. Cheers SSR SP1 Professor 18x8.5 +30 18x9.5 +18 225/40 265/35 SSR SP1 Professor 18x8 +31 18x9 +37...
  13. Yakozan

    FS: SSR Integral GT1 17" wheels SOLD!!

    I'm now selling my SSF-forged pearl-white SSR wheels because I have no use for them. front 17x7 offset +32 rear 17x8 offset +37 there is a small stone chip on one of the wheels. And the paint has chipped of there. damage area is about 3 square millimeter. Other then that. they are in very...