1. Adam L

    WTB: S15 drivers seat

    I'm after a standard S15 front seat. It must be clean, no tears, worn sides or stains on it. I can collect within reason but may need carriage. Thanks.
  2. M

    buying a second hand apexi radiator question

    hey guys about to buy a second hand apexi radiator for my s15 just a few thing i want to confirm... 1. is that it has a few bent fins ( i can spend time straightening them ) also a few stains on the core 2. when you look down the rad cap it's abit brown <----is this a bad sign???
  3. M

    bent radiator fins to straighten???

    hey guys just about to purchase a second hand allum rad doesnt leak but has some bent fins. Will it be beneficial for me to spend some time to straighten those bent fins??? Also has some oil stains on the body can i degrease it and blast it with a high pressure gun???cheers