1. Feast Japan

    Kanagawa Style - No Name Hero's On A Friday Night

    Have been a regular at the Daikoku Futo PA for about 5 years strong now. Always bringing in customers cars for photo shoots, shooting the local cars, chatting up it up with the owners and so on. But never once have I seen a full on drift show like was seen last night. Sure maybe 10 years...
  2. P

    very very bad steering vibration

    well its been awhile.... I get very bad vibration or shacking from the steering in the car of late. it comes and goes, so not the usual wheel balance stuff this vibration is much worse. feels like a wheel is about to fall of or some thing. some times hard to keep the steering steady can happen...
  3. DeanS15

    stack guage shaking?

    ive fitted a stack mechanical boost guage and have noticed that at idle the needle shakes quite a bit but under any acceleration/deceleration its steady. ive teed off of the fuel regulator vacuum. anyone else had this and cured it? thanks guys.