1. s15Irl

    FS: 2003 reg subaru impreza sti jap import The car is very tight, dry engine. Very clean underside like new! Car is in wexford, Ireland. Just 20mins from rosslare europort. My number is in the ad if anyone's interested or knows of someone that might be...
  2. slammedmind


    Hi My name is Rob and currently I reside in Ireland, dont own an s15 as yet but am currently looking for one!!! Ive been in love with them for a long time now and after owning a few fast jap cars I think its time :D here are my previous cars: my 2 toyota Glanza's My 98 type r sti scooby...
  3. S

    Hello from Melbourne Australia

    Hey all :wave: Found the site through sushiming's sig on :D Reason I joined is cos if everything goes to plan I should be a proud owner of a S15 :D in the next year or so. So I joined up to find out as much info as I could on them but this site is devoted to S15's only so it...