1. Surfing Boris

    Power Steering Fluid

    Think I need to change my fluid. When the car is cold turning left or right on near to full lock I get a groaning/ whining from the front of the car that can be felt through the steering wheel. The steering is no heavier then normal and other than that the car drives absolutely fine. I have...
  2. crazymat666

    what are the symptoms of a sticky actuator?

    basically exactly what the title says :). im ruling out 1 thing at a time and wondering if this was the problem.
  3. Max

    What grease for greasing up a shifter?

    Not got much of a clue here. What grease should I use. I take it I want nothing too sticky, nothing that will attack the plastic bushing on the bottom ball, and nothing that will react with gearbox oil? I heard Lithium grease can be a bit sticky causing the shifter to want to stick around...
  4. Miss S15

    MSN/Yahoo messenger/Bebo etc.

    Couldnt find one of these on the site and I hope it's alright with Admin that I have put this up! Maybe make it a sticky admin?