1. S


    Hi Guys I am business owner developing a promotional ride I am the owner of a 02 GT since new (untouched) and won't advice from you as to best Modify her and turn her into a show stopper (totally transform currently auto as well)
  2. B

    FS: ** SOLD ** Brake Master Cylinder Stopper Kit

    I'm selling a new and unused Brake Master Cylinder Stopper Kit Description Due to the high forces exerted against the bulkhead under braking, the Master Cylinder Stopper bolts up to the end of the master cylinder and stops the bulkhead flexing and gives a firmer brake pedal Brand New Master...
  3. kimi

    Cusco Brake stopper kit

    After reading the brakes thread in mechcanical & bodywork i thought a few of you may be interested in these. Cusco brake stopper kit ?48.18 + VAT less 10% for s15oc members + delivery to your home. ETA is 6 weeks from date of order. Give us a call on 01384216102 ask for Gavin or Dave...