1. G

    Speed converter problem

    Recently fitted mph converter, after 50mph the speedo stops working. does anyone know why? helpppp
  2. N

    Rubber Bonnet Stops

    I'm looking to get some new bonnet stops for my 15 as the existing ones are becoming really brittle and I don't want to damage the bonnet without them. Does anyone know anywhere that sells them (or if they're shared with any other Nissan?). I couldn't see them on places like RHDJapan when I had...
  3. vinnie

    FS: Nissan s15 arch liners

    Got the driver side and offside arches. There both in good condition, will take some pics once the rain stops lol. Each for £15 excluding postage.
  4. B

    S15 Idle off sometimes

    Hi all, In the last three weeks every 3rd or fourth time I start the car it misses for 30secs - 2 minutes. It only happens when I start the car, not at lights, when stopped, etc. After pulling the coils out the plugs are OK... But when It misses I can fix it by popping the bonnet and pressing...