1. adzsy

    FS: OEM Electric Radiator fan

    Removed from 45k car about 8 years ago and been in storage since. Great condition £30 plus postage
  2. J

    FS: 78works Sequential Taillights

    As I no longer have my S15 I no longer need these. They're the full LED non-smoked sequential version, as seen here, LED??? l ??????? l ????????????? l ??????? l ?????? I bought them last June, and they were fitted to the car for about 5 months, and have been in storage in the original...
  3. S

    WTB: driver side rear trim plastic

    in need of the drivers side rear plastic trim, the one that covers the rear quarter panel and has the storage space in there... any one got good condition one?
  4. G

    FS: ikeya formula complete adjustable front lower arm roll centre correct s13/s14/s15

    new only test fitted but i think there is some scratches were its been in storage caster,camber and lockstop adjustment £400 + paypal fees + postage i think i paid £790 for them bargain!
  5. S

    FS: Bumpers for sale and free interior

    As title got a few bumpers for sale and some free interior. bumper one is a stock s15 rear bumper, has got some scratches from storage so is in no way mint, but no real dents etc price £20 bumper number two is a aftermarket fibreglass front bumper, I bought off here as a spare but is no...
  6. sliding-r

    WTB: Stereo Shelf

    hi, anyone got a panel to hold stereo headunit up so you can have storage underneath, my stero is just laying inside atm lol