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    Anyone know these rear fenders?

    Hi guys, Normally i'm a real tight hero with the internet and find everything i'm looking for or saw else where. But i'm really getting stuck on this one and i'm freakin out about it, so please if anyone could say or find these somewhere? That'l be greet!!! The only store i have found is one in...
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    Are your car's kms correct?

    ​We can check the odometer reading before export of any secondhand Japanese Import. Please view our store where you can save 10% compared to ebay: Regards, JOC
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    WTB: Looking for a front suspension bolt

    Hi there Looking for this part: Nissan part number is 54580-15U00. I was in local nissan dealer and they gave me only one (no more in their supply store), but I need another one. If anybody has it, let me know. Thanks Greg.