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    Would you buy from SVA Imports?

    Hiya guys, i've found a nice S15 that i could potentially be buying, it is from SVA Imports ( ) The car looks really well maintained on the photos & looks in immaculate condition, i've read a few horror stories...
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    Spec S Turbo Conversion

    Hi, I've searched the forum to find out if this has been done and if so how much it roughly costs? But I can't find the answers! :annoyed: Has this been done on this forum before? Are there any success stories of it!? Also how much are front suspension bushes for these beasts? Regards
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    Injector o Ring Part Numbers

    Can someone who has access to fast please tell me the part numbers of the large and small O rings for the the injectors? Ive got them from Apex but after some of the horror stories I have been reading I just want to make doubly sure before I start removing the intake manifold. Cheers