1. ChrisKnottIns

    Guess which car club forum features in our new online magazine

    For the answer, check out this quarter’s edition of Cover Story - our FREE interactive magazine at Cover Story is a quick read, packed with car news and information from around the UK, PLUS insider hints and tips from the club’s...
  2. K

    6 speed in a spec s?

    Dose anyone know if its possible to fit a 6 speed box from a turbo into my spec s? Would i have to modify the mounts or whats the story. Thanks,
  3. D

    Why immobilzers suck... haha

    Last night I went out christmas light driving with a friend... nobody was in the spirit this year, crappy displays, so we decided to drive out of town and cruise up a nearby mountain to just look out over the city. Lovely view. fantastic. Went back to the car... remote central locking wasn't...