1. Jaydej

    1/4 mile times and power

    Hey all just thought we can put together a thread with what times our cars can run on the strip. I think this would be helpful for anyone wanting abit more information on performance on S15 if you do post please list: time power tyres size and make and any other information you feel you need to...
  2. W

    WTB: S15 Driver Door Rubber Strip

    Anyone know where I can get the rubber strip thingy that wraps around the drivers window? Sent from my XT1052 using Tapatalk
  3. R

    Quick Question

    Hey So I recently picked up a fresh import S15 Spec R, and one of the things that has been bugging me and making me doubt my own purchase is that my dash has the automatic transmission light strip section on it, whilst being on a manual car. So I'm sitting here thinking, has the dash been...
  4. dave_t

    WTB: Drivers Side Window Motor

    My drivers side window has been sticky since i got her, will be stripping it down to clean and lubricate the mechanism but i'd like to throw a new motor in to be on the safe side, rather than strip it down again later if it fails all together (seems to be on its last legs now) does anyone know...
  5. K

    WTB: s15 bits

    I have found the tension bracket supports, i won't need this anymore... the parts that i still need: -radiator shroud -plastic strip under the radiator.
  6. S

    Taking apart headlights

    Hey guys, soo im sure everyone has seen the LED strips that Audi's have on their headlights as well as many other cars. Now i was just wondering is it possible to take apart the s15 headlights and place an LED strip inside? Also how do you even take apart the headlight, as in separate the...
  7. I

    Installing Wind visor

    Anyone know how to install the S15 wind visor? im not sure if you take off the weather strip or to install it over it?
  8. Topper

    Which hose fits here.....

    ...I dont appear to have a hose left to connect to this: From/passes under the throttle body, any ideas: The outlet is at the base of the red strip See here for ideas so far: