FS: Bonnet dampers GROUP BUY

    Hi guys, I've contacted my Agent in Japan about the Yashio Factory Bonnet dampers but Yashio don't manufacture them anymore. These are the next best thing from Japan There are 3 patterns Black Black Carbon Silver Carbon Also 2 specs. - Strong - for steel...
  2. M

    S15 draining its battery

    Taking the key out the ignition the battery and oil lights stay on as well as the fuel gauge New battery the other day. Checked that the alternater is charging the battery and it is at 14volts so its strong. Yet its still draining the battery when i come to start it in the morning. Having to...
  3. J0R04N

    FS: Standard plastic sump tray cover

    Got this sump tray lying around. I managed to get another one from garage d. Been stitched back together. Nothing wrong with it, as strong as it would have been before it had a knock :wack: be perfect for a drift car. Price: FREE collection prefered.
  4. M

    Strong high quality wheel nuts

    Something iv been working on sorting out for a while now able to offer these to the forum :) made from super strong EN24T steel with 45 degree taper, coating in Black, Gold or Silver Available open or closed ended design and the best bit.... :nice: for 4 stud wheels - £36 for a set of 16...
  5. Feast Japan

    FS: FS: 5 Zigen 304 Speed Exhaust *Spec S SR20NA

    Items in Japan. Just upgraded to an Apexi N1 system so this one has to go. Item: 5 Zigen Border304Speed Application: S14 & S15 SR20DE Vehicles Original Maker URL: &...
  6. kimi

    wheel nut's

    Anybody know much about nuts ?,,,,,wheel nuts that is :D i think i've decided on black nuts [ see other thread ] now sorting out what ones to go with. I have a set of Rays duralumin black ones sitting here with me, does anybody know how strong these are ? i ask because they are extremely...