1. L


    I'm going to need a clutch soon, no idea where to even look for a s15, still got the standard flywheel(i think) car will be running 370bhp(ish) don't want to have a really heavy clutch pedal, tried my friends 14 with a 6 puk clutch and that was stupidly heavy don't want to be spending stupid...
  2. B

    FS: Nearly new HSD Monopro coilovers S14 S15

    Sold.......................... Used for 2 weeks, covered approx 30 miles in total. Purchased purely as a temporary measure whilst waiting for my teins to arrive from Japan. Some dusting of white stone chip as shown in pics to rear shocks (stupidly didn't mask them off). Original box...
  3. NICKO

    WTB: exhaust trade or PX

    I'm after a more sensible exhaust for my S15 as the current one I know is going to be too loud for neighbours when the car gets moved to the house :no: I currently have a japspeed cat back that's like brand new, no damage, no marks etc :cool: I would like to trade for something that ideally...
  4. japmadlad

    price check

    anyone near a nissan dealership in the UK wana drop in and get a price for a new 6spd gearbox for the s15 spec R? Part No. 3201089f11 PM me the price please. And b4 u all say it I know nissan are stupidly expensive but I need to go through them, thanks