1. E

    FS: Recaro Recliners - Accord Type-R

    I am advertising these on behalf of a friend. They are the front seats out of his Accord Type-R, very similar (other than colour) to evo 8 recaros. They are genuine Recaro seats. The drivers seat has adjustable lumbar support (air pump) The trim colour is black / purple The subframes for the...
  2. J

    WTB: S15 shell, straight or damaged WHYG!

    As above, any S15 shell straight or bent considered, must be as complete as possible i.e. with all exterior panels and dash. dont need things like subframes, running gear, brakes, seats etc. what have you got?
  3. DeanS15

    recaro tailored subframes - driver and passenger

    hi all, im looking at investing in some recaro speeds at some point, only trouble is im struggling to find the tailored subframes for them anywhere - cobra and corbeau do kits for the s14, which i know will fit the floorpan, but the trouble is im not sure if they will take the recaro seat...
  4. P


    are s14 and s15 one and the same? thanks guys