1. M

    WTB: Stock s15 front bumper, sides, and rear

    Looking for oem non aero kit for my s15. Can do a deal with my unfitted vertex kit from carbonkits on here. Excellent fit, just want a more subtle car.
  2. fez06

    johns S15 spec R

    Thought it was about time i started to make a thread. bought from torque gt, brilliant guys, its a standard spec R full aero. got a few mods for it but not fitted any yet apart from front strut brace, not going to do anything crazy tho just subtle mods as i like these standard. heres a couple...
  3. Fruitbooter

    What splitter is this?

    Seen it before on another S15 Anyone know? Looks great, nice and subtle :)
  4. T


    Just thought i'd say hello. I have an S14 with a few subtle mods, and an S13 which will have a few not so subtle mods. Currently undergoing a SR20 DET engine swap, as the chocolate CA 18 DET is of no use to me ;) So, here's a pic of the S13, far......... You can see the...