1. F

    Nismo s tune value?

    Anyone know what these are worth? Thinking about getting sum coilovers so will be possible forsale all are in mint condition , thanks
  2. japmadlad

    decat pipe

    As above I'm looking for a decat pipe for the S15. I hear that the S14 has a different length pipe so I wud need more of the exhaust if I bought 1 of them. I want 1 that will bolt straight on. Or if sum 1 in ireland can make me 1 up cheap that wud work fine.
  3. japmadlad

    1st real mod

    Ok so I know my 1st mod was replacing the apexi air filter that Jono sold b4 selling out, I mean up :p. But my S15 is now sporting a nice shiny Apex Type 1 FMIC with hot pipe kit, ( cold pipe to follow soon once I figure out how to fit the fubin thing ). will try to get sum pics up. I wud like...
  4. K

    Kennys Spec R S15

    Been browsing the site now for awhile since i bought my S15, found sum gud info and seen sum great cars :thumbs: Im still yet to receive my S15 but the wait is nearly over just about a week 2 go before its in my drive!! Heres a pic taken in Japan ill add more pics when i get it