1. S15_SAM

    WTB: WINDSCREEN !!!!! Needed asap!

    Hey guys. I've cracked my screen so need a new one, anyone know of any companies that make them? Or can supply them? Cheers sam
  2. A

    Where to find Spec R driveshafts?

    Anyone know where to get reconditioned driveshafts or a place that can supply decent ones or the Nissan part number? Thanks.
  3. T

    WTB: headlights used or new

    i am searching for headlights for my s15. if anybody has some or can tell me where to get some that would be great. i alreaddy asked at but they don´t have them in stock now and don´t know when they can supply again. thanks
  4. D

    WTB: Looking for a front suspension bolt

    Hi there Looking for this part: Nissan part number is 54580-15U00. I was in local nissan dealer and they gave me only one (no more in their supply store), but I need another one. If anybody has it, let me know. Thanks Greg.
  5. Curryzz

    Help with finding part as Nissan can't supply aparently!

    Does anybody no who can supply an drivers side front bleed nipple for the caliper? I'm struggling and need one quickish:) thanks