1. M

    Stock boost characteristic

    Hello, Was wondering how boost pressure was supposed to hold on a stock car. Made a dyno health check and saw my car boosting 0,5bar but after reving 5k it starts to rise up to 0,7. Thinking theres a fault with the boost regulation. Going to try wastegate pressure next time. Is the 0,5Bar in...
  2. R

    Fuel purge solenoid?

    I believe this is to do with the carbon canister setup but I can't see where the pipes should go. The bracket that holds it is missing otherwise it would be fairly self explanitory I think. Anyone got any pics of the pipes coming from it or just where it is supposed to be bolted would give me a...
  3. FreakensNL

    Part number; gaiter and armrest hinge/pivot mechanisme

    [urgent] Part number; gaiter and armrest hinge/pivot mechanisme Am ordering some parts and need the following part numbers; -Gear lever plastic gaiter (what clicks in de radio frame thingy) -Arm rest hinge mechanisme (when I open it you take it right off :(, looks like the 2nd picture, don't...
  4. Yakozan

    Fitting aero sideskirts

    has anyone fitted aero-sideskirts before. Don't know what to do about those plastic thingies which I think is supposed to go through the bodywork. I don't want to drill in my car :no:
  5. Yakozan

    Wanted: brake fluid change guide

    Looking for a brake fluid change guide. i have never changed brake fluid before and a guide would make me feel so much better :) Think I've read somewhere that I'm not supposed to empty the fluid completely :confused: Links or guide appreciated :thumbs:
  6. J

    Missing Plastic bits!

    Now this really IS a strange query... I'm missing various clips and stuff on the S15. Noteably, the pop-pin type things that secure plastic parts in the engine bay (like the air-induction pipe for example) and even one plastic pin that secures the door trim to the door! Most weird, bit I think...