1. A

    New S15 Aero Owner (fresh imported, PIC HEAVY)

    Hi guys and girls I am completely new to the S-Chassis scene, but let me introduce myself at first: My name is Andy, I´m 28 and live in the northern part of Germany. I am a Supra owner for five years and this was my first car love at the age of six. This is my one owner Euro-spec supra...
  2. Nissan_S15

    Found a Supra I like now but needs some TLC, is it worth going for?

    Hey guys, As you know I have recently started looking for a Supra as my next car. The first two I went to look at were no goes. However I recently came across a Super advertised on the Supra owners club as well as ebay and have spoken to the guy about it. Its got some nice upgrades and the...
  3. Nissan_S15

    Going to view a new car next week - Any Advice?

    Hi guys, Im going to go and look at a Toyota Supra Twin Turbo next week, as Ive always been a big fan of them and Skyline R34's. Main reason i want to go and see it, is that its an ex show car and was featured in Japanese performance magazine and looks preety good. Especially with 350bhp ;)...
  4. S15_SAM

    FS: White Mkiv 1996 Toyota Supra SZR, 3.0 litre NA, 5 speed manual, 191380km's, T&T

    White 1996 Toyota Supra SZR, 3.0 litre non turbo, 5 speed manual, 191380km's For sale is my girlfriends 1996 (pre facelift) Toyota supra, She's owned it for 2 years previous to her I owned it for 3 years, after buying it when it was new into the country at 107000km's (66,000miles) it is...
  5. S15_SAM

    2 in Frome area! White (mike) and a Grey one

    Well my mrs phoned me on the way home and said she got flashed by a white S15 in frome!Now can't go flashing my mrs.... ;) I'm assuming its you mike? She was in a white supra. Also she then phones again and said she spotted a grey one too but he didn't flash her!
  6. sliding-r

    RX-7 vs. R34 vs. Supra vs. S15 Video
  7. S


    hi, not a s15 owner, but have been very interested in the model since the moment i layed eyes on one! im more of a toyota man, currently driving a n/a supra... but im wanting something thats a bit roomier (anyone whos seen a supra boot would know what im talking about) plus something thats a bit...
  8. K

    Very first trackday for me and car.

    Went to Llandow yesterday (oct 2nd 2010) jointly with the SXOC and The MKIV Supra club and what a great day. I'd not been on a track before, so was a little nervous, but the briefing went well and was well run. I was in the beginner (green) group of course :o. Was nerve-wracking queuing up...
  9. S

    Hi! help me out here... Supra or S15 or R34 GTT

    hey all Name is alex. I just moved to the UK a couple of month ago, and i am looking to get a new performance car. I had a couple of turbo cars in the past but all FWD. And i think it is time to move to RWD, and those 3 are on my list: 95+ Supra TT J spec 98+ R34 GTT 02 S15 spec R All RWD, all...
  10. Yakozan

    Street cars fest Stockholm, Sweden

    Attended a show this weekend. Alot of stereocars with 1345972458 screens and 328723 speakers which I don't really like, but I managed to find some gems :) Top Secret widebody Supra. This thing was wiiiiiiide. Winner of Peoples choice. 1000hp + Porsche Swedish tank. The fast...
  11. O

    non turbo chips?

    hi all ive got a 170hp s15 coupe non turbo. its a direct from japan imprt and i was wonder if i could get a chip for it to give me some more grunt. please dont tell me to get a turbo or engine transplant cause i get enough of that fromt he supra forums cause ive got a non turbo one of those too...
  12. H

    Hello from Melbourne Oz

    hello all, Just join and wanted to say hello. :) I'm an importer for Jap cars and I drive a Supra and coming soon a Stagea Not much else to say really. Cheers, Thuy
  13. Yakozan

    Video: S15, R34GTR, RX7 FD and Supra MKIV battle

    . . To the battle :) . .