1. JDM_virgin

    Dagenham DDC

    Blue x reg s15 aero parked outside DDC, nearly crashed into the Armco rubber necking in surprise of seeing another s15 that wasn't on a show stand :)
  2. B

    Brake upgrade.

    Hi, been wondering, has anybody fitted, or tried fitting Subaru impreza 4pot caliper to an s15? They 'look' very similar.... One of my pistons have seized, but a local chaps selling Subaru ones.... Any help would be greatful... I have asked if I could try them, but he didn't seem too keen...
  3. G

    jap pioneer sat nav

    jus got my s15 with a pioneer dvd/mp3/sat nav and surprise surprise its all in japanese! anyone know is there any software you can get to change this over to european maps? i know this has been talked about before but that was with the OEM sat nav as far as i know