1. S

    Would you buy from SVA Imports?

    Hiya guys, i've found a nice S15 that i could potentially be buying, it is from SVA Imports ( ) The car looks really well maintained on the photos & looks in immaculate condition, i've read a few horror stories...
  2. M

    advice on this s15 and trader

    hi there im thinking of going to look at this s15 just wondering has anybody seen this? ive read some bad things about sva imports so would like abit of advice thanks mark
  3. D

    My experience with SVA

    Hello there to everyone. Waaaaaaay back in November last year i spotted a tastey s15 coming into the country via SVA imports. I phoned them up and put down a deposit. After many delays, lots of excuses I finally got my February. (Pics posted in the introduction section). Advertised...
  4. T

    Hi, and question about 2001 Spec R

    Hi i'm new here and been looking and reading up alot on S15s. can you register a 2001 S15 Spec R now? i've read post about model report only going up to 12.2000. but that was in 2007. and also does any trader here do SVA preparation, test and Register service on a fresh import? thanks
  5. Ozone

    WTB: Might need to borrow an S15 Turbo exhaust...

    My car has missed the SVA cut off and will be tested under the new IVA regs. The VOSA examiner has asked the guys preping my car if I have the original exhaust, I don't. Does anyone have a spare that could be borrowed? The car is in Southampton. I had kept the original exhaust for 9 months but...
  6. J

    SVA Preparation

    Hi, importing my car from cyprus to the UK, and am looking for a company in the north east who do SVA preparation. Any help would be great.
  7. J

    my (soon to be) S15

    heres a pic of the S15 i put a deposit on jus las nite. i am really pleased with the car. i think it looks really well. does any1 no how hard it will be 2 put it through SVA?
  8. R-Spec

    New Import Rules/Costs

    New Import Rules/Costs Just seen this over on SOC/SXOC .................................................. .................................... VOSA SET TO UPLIFT SVA FEES BY 30% FROM APRIL 2008!!! What Next? While industry grapples with the implications of SVA ending...
  9. A

    S15 at SVA imports. This car looks good to me, i think i want it. But ive read a bit of bad stuff about SVA imports on here when i searched for them, are they that bad? Anyone live close to where they are? Alex
  10. D

    V55/5 Problems !?!

    I am filling out my V55/5 for my car.... The trouble is that i have the SVA certificate but that does not contain much of the detail for completing the form. As i have the certificate do I still need to complete the information for the SVA or will DVL complete the relevant sections as i have...
  11. S

    SVA imports

    Has anyone used these guys before. i was looking at this little number all info appreciated