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    WTB: OEM S15 Turbo (T28BB)

    Hello, i´m searching the OEM S15 Turbo (T28BB). Please only items which are in an excellent condition :) Cya
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    Alexfalk S15 Spec R -00

    Thought I?d post my ride here as well. It?s a Spec R that seem to have been driven hard on racetracks around japan. Here is the current spec list: HKS Coilovers HKS Air filter Greddy Racing Intercooler HPI Stainless exhaust manifold HPIFront pipe TRUST e-manage Ultimate LSD KOYO...
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    T28BB maximum boost?

    I would like to know what max boost is considered to be ok with the T28BB? (Answer in BAR would be appreciated) I tried tp search for it but could not find anything.