1. gaz15

    Quick tap

    Does anyone know where I could get a quick tap from? Just about to fit my FMIC and need it for the boost hose to keep it as short as possible on the hot side. What do you guys recommend, what have you done on yours? Weld a nipple into the hot pipe or quick tap into the silicone. Cheers :D
  2. Curryzz

    Curryzz S15 silvia withdrawn from sale:)

    Hello guys, Iv come to my senses and decided to not sell my S15:nod:, I have been having so meny problems with her it has caused me alot of stress and being pretty unhappy to be honist, iv had an electrical fault which i have been unable to fix for the last 4 months, as soon as spring set in...
  3. S

    POWER FC Djetro

    guys... anyone out there using powerFC djetro version(map sensor version)?? i have a question here. does anyone know which wire to tap for the air temp sensor? i got the powerFC manual with me..but it is in japanese. basically there is two wires that need to be tap, i know which pin i should...
  4. D

    Defi Gauges

    I see Nengun Performance have a special on defi gauages at moment. My question is. I know the gauges up to six plug into Defi-Link Control right. What does the control panel plug into too. Is it just a matter of wiring it or will i have to tap into sump etc. They mechanical gauges so i think...