1. phillll

    Removing front wings for loom tuck...

    Any pain in the ass bolts or hidden bolts in order to take these off? Going to get it done in the week and wondering how hard it is... Hoping for a simple and quick job tbh! thanks all :)
  2. J


    hi. just wondering if there worth getting? and whats best to go for tbh? thanks
  3. J

    rear diff

    hi, bascially my diff is on its way out, orignally when i brought the car i wasnt going to us eit for drifting. but the more i drive the more i really want to drift days etc.. what would the best diff to get aslong as its not hugely expensive, i dont even know the range of prices these are...
  4. M

    WTB: s15 sub 60000 miles

    pretty much in the title, just looking for a white s15 with less than 60000miles and not heavily modded due to insurance being a drag. mods welcome such as wheels, lowered, aero kit tbh colour doesnt really matter but a white one is preferred many thanks minty
  5. D


    hay ythought i would regester on here because i have been having a few problems with my silvia l8ly its not a s15 but its got s15 engine if thats cool with u guys now i gonna just get it out in the open about JAE... yes i was the one that shattered 5 rockers after gettin a maping by steve...
  6. mint

    More incar footage

    http://www.vimeo.com/5584139 and my last run http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXoezCaHVXs The location of the cam was **** tbh :( but oh well. Also i was suffering some nice understeer lol.
  7. mint

    Interior Roof light

    this is the one in the middle of roof, wondered if you folks have had problems with bulbs blowing?.. Iv gone through 3 now and tbh.. cant be bothered changing it again. lol
  8. mint

    Yashio's **NEW** s15 kit

    Just been shown this by Lucky. Typical Great fitment as should be expected with Yashio, Bolted on arch's does the trick, However im just not feeling it tbh... Thoughts?
  9. mint

    Oil Filter + Relocation?

    Hey Guys, Mint again with one of those questions.. ^_^! Right as some of you know i have an Oil Pressure gauge which isnt wired up, Now iv just bought a G Reddy thing off a member on here :wave:so that i can plug in the gauge and get it wired up. Now number 1 i have absolutly no idea where...